NACCU 2023 Best Marketing Campaign Award Nomination
Exit Survey
Nominate any NACCU institutional member for the NACCU Best Marketing Campaign Award! 
You will need to include a Word doc or PDF that includes the following information. Please prepare the document for upload before beginning this form. 

Nominees will submit a written document describing how the institution integrated a variety of marketing initiatives to enhance their campus card’s visibility and value on campus. Images and examples are encouraged with a maximum of five pages per submission. Submissions should be in .pdf (preferred) or .doc format.

  • Overall Marketing Strategy/Plan:  What were your objectives, and how were the tools you used linked to those objectives? (Explain what you did and why you did it.) This section is worth 40 points.

  • Creativity: Attach pictures, documents or screenshots of the materials used in the campaign. This section is worth 25 points.

  • Measurable Results:  Include statistics, charts or any documentation that illustrates the results of the marketing efforts. This section is worth 25 points.

  • Lessons learned:  What worked well, and what could you improve upon next time? This section is worth 10 points.

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